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We provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for children. Our Quality educational Program for play school and preschool comprises of highly qualified and dedicated teachers and support staff. We are concerned about providing your children with the tools they need to be successful in all aspects of their lives. Choosing Little Millennium play school, we hope that it will serve as the first building block in our partnership with you and your child. We consider our relationship with parents as one of our greatest assets and actively encourage their involvement in the development of the school. Play school is a supplement to the home and not a substitute. Little Millennium is ideally located on pollution and noise free spacious surroundings of Indirapuram with greenery, grounds and play equipment. The school offers a global podium with a perfect combine of technology, culture and values. The day care is well scrutinized with CCTV Cameras which are placed at strategic location to ensure continuous surveillance of the school.

Advantages of Little Millennium Play School, Pre School & Day Care Center in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Scientifically developed curriculum.
Story yoga to develop a healthy body and creative mind.
Little Millennium Kickers Club,India's first ever football league for per-schoolers
AC classrooms.
Transportation facility available.
Splash pool.
CCTV surveillance.
Optimum teacher-student ratio

Learning curve of your child with us

Children are truly a god's souvenir. As a responsible human being and parent it is our responsibility to nurture your kid through regular love, care and provide better education. Little Millennium is a growing chain of pre-schools promoted by EDUCOMP, one of the most respected names in Indian Education. It is a play school and day care center situated in clean and quiet surroundings of Indirapuram. Little Millennium is an inspiring and ultra-modern preschool and play station for your child. We offer an international quality of education with Indian values amid a blissful ambiance. The wonderful combine of academics, technology and infrastructure not only delights but also energizes your kid to learn while playing. An excess of facilities is offered for your child’s growth from play stations to innovative and charming tools to facilitate overall development.

Choosing a preschool in which your child will be loved and cared for is of paramount importance. But it's also vital to select a preschool that will associate with your family to make sure your child's healthy development throughout his or her early childhood education years. Our school believes that the safety, security and well being of your child is one of our major areas of attention. The school believes that children are their families and they can be assured as their children are safe and secure within the school campus. School keeps a track record of children’s arrival and departure from the school and ensures that child reaches home safely. School teachers discover child’s early interest and inform their parents about their early spark of special talent and qualities which acts as a feedback about making their career planning.

Children have access to various activities throughout the day. They can look for picture books, paints and other art materials, table toys such as matching games, pegboards and puzzles. Teachers work with individual children, small groups, and the whole group at different times during the day. Children learn numbers and the alphabet as their everyday exercise. They get an opportunity to take a glimpse of the natural world of plants and animals and meaningful activities. Studies have shown that the pre-primary years are significant in a child's life. During the first 6 years, the brain is twice as active as that of an adult's. 60% of nutrition is used by the brain during the first year of life. And we work harder to get the best from the children and prepare them to face the challenging scenario in future.

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